About us

JSC “Padremas” offers You to use the services of auto-transport washes, which are located in Tilžės str. 60, Klaipėda. We have been developing the network of auto-transport washes since 2000 successfully. We have employed qualified foremen and washers therefore we can ensure the high quality and quick performance of works. The vehicles are washed with automatic brushes and manually in our washes. We also wash special auto-transport, both top and bottom of engines, parts of ships. We have a separate car wash (external manual washing, vacuuming, chemical cleaning of salon and polishing). We provide Professional services of car glasses‘ toning with high quality American film are provided. We also provide technical assistance on road and transport vehicles on transporters not only in Klaipėda but throughout Lithuania as well. You can hire mini excavators with an operator for various outdoor works. We propose the companies to sign contracts with our wash because regular customers are provided with discounts.